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The Clubhouse

Golfing Simulator in Spearfish, SD

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At The Clubhouse of Spearfish, we are your premier destination for an unparalleled experience in golf, football, baseball, hunting, zombie, and alien simulators right here in Spearfish, SD. We take pride in offering a diverse range of immersive simulator services to both sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers. After your exciting simulator session, relax and indulge in a delightful dining experience at our on-site restaurant. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about providing you with unforgettable moments and ensuring your satisfaction with every simulation session and dining experience. Contact us today to book your session and discover the extraordinary world of The Clubhouse of Spearfish.

Golf Simulator and Sports Bar in Spearfish, SD

We offer a diverse range of simulator experiences designed to cater to the unique preferences of every visitor. Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking the thrill of golf, the excitement of football, the fun of baseball, the challenge of hunting, or the adventures of zombie and alien simulations, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art simulators ensure you’ll have an unforgettable time, and our experienced team is here to provide guidance and support throughout your chosen adventure. From individual visits to group events, we can accommodate various group sizes, making it a fantastic choice for friends, family, or team outings.

Golf Simulators

Experience golfing in an unparalleled way with our state-of-the-art golf simulator in Spearfish. Catering to both seasoned pros and beginners, dive into a realistic and immersive golfing adventure

Sports Simulators

Step into an unparalleled sports experience with our cutting-edge simulator. Perfect for enthusiasts and beginners alike, dive into a lifelike, immersive world across various sports.

Hunting Simulators

Dive into the thrill of hunting with our realistic simulator adventures. Ideal for both seasoned hunters and newcomers, enjoy an authentic, immersive experience. Embark on a captivating quest that challenges your prowess and fuels your passion for the wilderness.


Planning your events at our golfing simulator establishment in Spearfish, SD is a breeze with our user-friendly platform. Our expert support and cutting-edge technology make hosting memorable occasions effortless. Trust The Clubhouse for an unforgettable event experience.



Our Simulator Specifications

At our Spearfish Golf Simulator Center, we are committed to providing a top-notch and efficient golfing experience. Recognizing the importance of your time, we ensure that each simulator session not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Every game is delivered punctually, within your budget, and offers an authentic golfing encounter. Here’s what you can anticipate when you tee off with us:

State of the Art

Experience unmatched golfing precision with our state-of-the-art golf simulators, ensuring a realistic, immersive game every time you swing.

30+ Game Modes

Explore a world of endless possibilities with over 30 diverse courses at The Clubhouse of Spearfish, ensuring there’s always a new adventure to embark upon.

Membership Discounts

Memberships provide priority booking, exclusive session discounts, and special invitations to events and tournaments for dedicated golf enthusiasts.

Student Discounts

Students, seize the opportunity to save on simulator fun with our special student discounts at The Clubhouse of Spearfish, where education meets entertainment.

Why Choose The Clubhouse of Spearfish?

At our golfing simulator and sports bar facility, delve into over 30 high-definition world-class courses, enhanced with lifelike graphics and precision technology that replicates true golfing experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our knowledgeable team ensures an unmatched golf experience. Paired with competitive pricing, we bridge the gap between premium golf simulation and relaxed sports bar entertainment.

Versatility – Our high-definition simulators offer access to over 30 world-class courses, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.

Realism – The lifelike graphics and precision technology in our simulators make you feel like you’re on the real course.

Inclusivity – Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, our simulators cater to all skill levels.

Expertise – Our team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to enhancing your golfing experience.

Affordability – We offer competitive pricing, making high-quality golf simulator entertainment accessible to all.

Embark on Unmatched Golf Adventures at The Clubhouse

We take pride in our outstanding golf simulator experiences and vibrant sports bar atmosphere, with every detail meticulously curated. Our team of experts boasts years of experience in delivering immersive golf simulations and creating memorable moments at the sports bar. We utilize top-tier equipment and technology to guarantee the realism and longevity of each golfing session. Browse our portfolio to witness past golfing adventures and lively evenings at our bar, providing inspiration for your next outing. Reach out to us today to learn more and book your spot.

Act Now - Book Your Golf Simulator Adventure Today!

Our team at The Clubhouse of Spearfish is here to make your golf simulator adventures extraordinary. There’s no need to wait any longer to experience the thrill – contact us today to begin your booking. Our expert team will collaborate with you to create a tailor-made adventure that suits your budget and surpasses your expectations. With The Clubhouse, you can trust in top-quality technology, skilled guidance, and outstanding customer support. So, don’t hesitate – reach out to us today and start your unforgettable golf simulator journey!

Our Happy Visitors

At The Clubhouse of Spearfish, we highly appreciate our visitors’ experiences and feedback, aiming to deliver unparalleled golf simulator adventures that go beyond your expectations. Discover what people are sharing about their time with us. Our delighted visitors often praise our dedication, expertise, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Come and encounter The Clubhouse difference firsthand, and reach out to us today to begin your booking.

Based on 62 reviews
rebecca berg
rebecca berg
Great food, really good music on the patio on Sundays, nice personnel working here.
Linda Spath
Linda Spath
Played virtual golf and shooting there for my 10 year old grandsons Birthday. It was so much fun!
Mike Katon
Mike Katon
It was great we rented the entire building for our daughters and her boysfriends graduation party very reasonable, paid for 2 full hours had great service we had the make some food we were allowed to bring other food in they have 4 screens for players golf, baseball, shooter games, full golf courses, driving range, they provided golf clubs some of us brought our own, they had corn hole outside lot of seating areas
Vanessa Thompson
Vanessa Thompson
It's cool. Above average prices but okay. Wine based alcohols

Learn More About Us

Discover The Clubhouse of Spearfish and understand why we’re the preferred destination for golf simulator adventures in Spearfish, SD. Our team of skilled professionals is devoted to providing extraordinary experiences and unparalleled customer support during every visit. Reach out today to book your adventure and experience The Clubhouse difference firsthand.

Professional and Seasoned Simulator Entertainment

We are your cherished family-owned establishment, offering an extraordinary golfing experience since our inception. Our dedicated team brings years of expertise in delivering thrilling simulator adventures that cater to golf enthusiasts. We proudly welcome you as members of our golfing community, ready to host your next memorable round. Contact us today to explore our thrilling offerings.


Do you have inquiries about The Clubhouse’s golf simulators or sports bar services? Peruse our frequently asked questions to find answers to the most common queries related to our golfing and entertainment offerings. Can’t locate the details you’re seeking? Reach out to us today, and our amiable team at The Clubhouse will be delighted to help you.

A golf simulator is a system that allows players to experience golf indoors using a combination of projection technology, advanced software, and sensors to replicate real golfing conditions. Players hit a real golf ball into a screen, and the system tracks the ball’s speed, spin, and trajectory to depict its real-life path on a virtual golf course.

Our golf simulators utilize cutting-edge technology and high-speed cameras or sensors to ensure that readings, such as ball speed, launch angle, spin, and trajectory, are highly accurate and comparable to real-life outdoor conditions.

Yes, players are encouraged to use their own golf clubs and balls for the most authentic experience. Our simulators are designed to handle real golf equipment and provide feedback tailored to each player’s unique swing and equipment.

Absolutely! Our golf simulator caters to players of all skill levels. Beginners can benefit from practice modules, tutorials, and feedback to improve their game, while experienced golfers can enjoy playing on a variety of virtual world-class courses and refining their techniques.

 Booking can be made online through our website or by contacting us directly. The costs vary depending on the duration of the session, time of day, and any additional services or features you’d like to include. We offer both single session rates and membership packages for frequent players.

We provide a diverse range of simulator experiences catering to various interests. Our offerings include golfing, hunting, baseball, soccer, and even a unique hunting aliens simulator. This is just a glimpse of our expansive range, and there’s much more to explore and enjoy at our facility!

Simulator Entertainment for Golf, Sports, Hunting, and Games

Our team of experts is dedicated and trained to provide a wide range of thrilling simulator experiences, including golf, sports, hunting, and games. With years of experience, we’ve perfected our skills to ensure unforgettable adventures that go beyond your expectations.