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The Clubhouse

Immersive Game Simulator Experiences in Spearfish, SD

The Clubhouse is your go-to destination for immersive game simulator experiences in Spearfish, SD. Our wide range of simulator adventures, from thrilling sports to exciting games, can significantly enhance your recreational activities and provide endless fun. From choosing the right simulator experience to seamless gameplay and exciting challenges, our team of simulator specialists in Spearfish, SD, ensures that every step is executed flawlessly. Trust The Clubhouse to deliver exceptional simulator adventures that elevate your entertainment and fun.

Cutting-Edge Simulator Adventures

At The Clubhouse of Spearfish, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge simulator adventures in Spearfish, SD. By using the latest simulator technologies and high-quality hardware, we ensure immersive and thrilling experiences for our visitors. So, when you choose The Clubhouse, one of the top simulator adventure destinations in Spearfish, SD, you can trust that your gaming adventure is in good hands. Experience the difference of working with a simulator adventure provider that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction.

Game Simulator Variety

At The Clubhouse of Spearfish, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of game simulator experiences to cater to every gamer’s preferences. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a strategy master, our collection of simulator adventures has something for everyone. From high-speed sports action to epic quests and mind-bending challenges, our immersive game simulators provide the ultimate entertainment and fun. Step into a world of unlimited gaming possibilities, and discover why The Clubhouse is the ultimate destination for an array of game simulator adventures that promise excitement and endless enjoyment.

Family-Friendly Fun

  • Exceptional Gaming Experiences for All Ages
  • A Wide Range of Games to Suit Every Family Member
  • Immersive Adventures That Promote Family Bonding
  • Fun and Safe Environment for Family Entertainment
  • Discover the Difference of Quality Simulator Adventures for the Whole Family

Why Choose Us?

At The Clubhouse in Spearfish, SD, we merge unmatched realism, state-of-the-art technology, expert guidance, and a varied selection of games to provide a premium gaming experience that’s affordable and designed for continuous enjoyment and skill development.


Our Process


Choose Your Date & Time

Using our user-friendly online calendar, quickly select an available slot that aligns with your schedule. Our real-time updates ensure a seamless booking experience, free from overlaps or waits.


Pick Your Game

Dive into our diverse range of simulations, from golf to baseball. Select the one that ignites your passion and offers the experience you crave.


Confirm & Enjoy

After a swift confirmation and payment process, your exclusive simulator slot is secured. Arrive a bit early to savor our gourmet delights and acclimate, ensuring you maximize your immersive experience.

Discover the Ultimate Gaming Simulation Experience in Spearfish

Nestled in the heart of Spearfish, The Clubhouse is not just a simulation center—it’s a portal to unparalleled virtual adventures. With cutting-edge technology driving each simulator, you’re invited to transcend the ordinary and step into lifelike renditions of thrilling sports stadiums, challenging gaming landscapes, and more. Our commitment to quality ensures each session offers crisp graphics, precise gameplay, and responsive feedback. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious newbie, The Clubhouse promises an adventure that’s both immersive and unforgettable.

Special Discounts!

At The Clubhouse, we’re dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment for everyone. Our commitment to enhancing the experience goes beyond just sports enthusiasts. We offer special discounts to make your time here even more enjoyable. Take advantage of our College Night specials, where students and young adults can step into a world of exciting simulations at a reduced rate. Join us during Happy Hour for added savings, and don’t miss our $10 wing special to satisfy your appetite while you immerse yourself in the virtual world. These exclusive offerings are our way of showing that we care about our guests’ enjoyment and convenience. So come on over and embrace a fun-filled experience at The Clubhouse, where great deals and great times await.

Happy Hour:

Our Happy Hour, running from 5 to 7 pm, Monday through Thursday, is the ultimate way to unwind after a long day. Join us during these hours, and enjoy exclusive savings while you immerse yourself in the immersive world of sports and gaming. It's a winning combination of fun and affordability.

College Night:

Every Tuesday, we roll out the green carpet for students and young adults with a fantastic 15% discount. It's your chance to experience top-tier simulation gaming and sporting excitement at an unbeatable rate, perfect for a memorable night out with friends.

10$ Wings:

Get ready for NFL game days (Monday, Thursday, and Sunday) and indulge in our incredible $10 wing special. You can savor large boneless wings while you watch the games on our big screens, making every moment of sporting action even more exciting. It's a deal that's a touchdown in flavor and value.

Games List

Pricing List

Monday through Thursday – $30 per simulator / per hour

Friday through Sunday – $40 per simulator / per hour